David Peterson is an Australian writer, film editor and software developer. Growing up in Papua New Guinea and teaching computers studies in Ethiopia instilled a passion for crafting stories that connect with people around the world.

He co-created the Audible Original Beyond Strange Lands and won the 2020 John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science-Fiction Writing (Unproduced) for his sci-fi drama Untethered. He has also edited on projects such as Bluey (Winner, International Emmy), Post Mortem Mary (Winner, Best Short Film at Sitges), and Two Weeks (Winner, Best Web Series at SAE Atom Awards).

He can usually be found trying to figure out how to break light speed, travel to parallel dimensions, or both.

SpaceX Unleashed (2021)

Rocket through SpaceX history from 2006 to 2021, with footage from every launch, starting with the first Falcon 1, through the Falcon 9, Dragon, Falcon Heavy, and Crew Dragon, up to SN15, the first Starship prototype to successfully take off and land in one piece (without exploding soon after).

David produced and edited this short film.

Untethered (in development)

When her protoype ship is damaged en route to Mars, a former refugee must learn to depend on her crew and confront the storms of her past to survive.

Winner of the 2020 John Hinde Award for Excellence in Science-Fiction Writing (Unproduced) and the 2021 Queensland Screenwriter Award, this sci-fi drama feature screenplay was written by David Peterson with support from Screen Queensland.

Beyond Strange Lands (2020)

In 1982, the famous paranormal expert Grant Peters went missing while filming his TV show Legendary Australia. His wife Melissa was never able to find him. When Melissa herself disappears nearly forty years later, her daughter Fiona and grandson Ethan trace her to the small outback town of Boulia. There they discover a collection of old audio tapes that Melissa left behind: a set of clues they must follow if they’re to solve this mystery in time. Insidious forces will stop at nothing to destroy them, and an impossibly ancient menace lurks deep beneath the ground, waiting for the chance to strike….

This is an Audible Original Podcast, developed and produced with investment from Screen Queensland.

Co-written by David Peterson & Simon Taylor, available from Audible (Australia | UK | USA).

Robbie Hood (2019)

Robbie Hood is a charismatic thirteen-year-old misfit with a heart of gold, who skirts the law to right the wrongs he sees taking place in his community.

Robbie Hood is a Ludo Studio and Since1788 production for SBS, directed by Dylan River (Finke: There and Back, Sweet Country), written by Kodie Bedford (Mystery Road, Grace Beside Me), produced by Tanith Glynn-Maloney (She Who Must Be Loved, Nulla Nulla) and Meg O’Connell (Doodles, The Sketchy Show), with Charlie Aspinwall (Bluey, Doodles), Daley Pearson (#7DaysLater, The Strange Calls) and Sue Masters (SBS) executive producing.

David served as the editor for the trailer.

Bluey (2018-2019)

Bluey is an inexhaustible six year-old Blue Heeler dog, who loves to play and turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures, developing her imagination as well as her mental, physical and emotional resilience.

Winner of an International Emmy in 2019, created by Joe Brumm, produced by Ludo Studio, screening on ABC Kids and BBC in 2018 and Disney+ in 2020. David served as an editor on over a dozen episodes across season 1 & 2.

Dinghy Girls (2018)

Welcome to Dinghy Girls, Torres Strait women in their element, daring to challenge the wild frontier of their sea country. They are young, vivacious and yearn for adventure out on the vast seascape of the Torres Strait.

Screened on ABC iView in 2018. Written and directed by Shanice Tabua, produced by Aaron Fa’aoso. David served as the editor.

Post Mortem Mary (2017)

A mother and a daughter who suffers from a crippling fear of death run a post-mortem photography business in 1840’s Australia. A short horror film for the Screen Queensland Scream QLD initiative.

Premiered at SCREAMFEST LA in 2017, won Best Short Film at Sitges Film Festival and Molins in 2018. Written and directed by Joshua Long, produced by Daniel Schultz. David served as the editor.

Two Weeks (2017)

A 9-part LGBTQ web series, which explores the struggles several 20-somethings face in the precarious turning points of their lives as they strive to define themselves.

Winner of Best Student Series at the Melbourne Web Fest and nominated for Best Editor and Best Web Series at the T.O. WEBFEST. Created by Mary Duong, produced by Rhiannon Steffensen. David served as the editor for episodes 1-3.

Escape Velocity (2016)

From the first rocket launch in 1926 to Gagarin, Armstrong, Hubble, Curiosity and beyond, take a fast ride through the history of human space exploration.

David produced and edited this short documentary, viewed over 3 million times on YouTube.

Hiraeth (2015)

Grieving over the death of her estranged father, Angie breaks into his home, trying to reconnect with his memory until she comes face to face with Erin, the woman that tore their family apart.

Written and directed by Katherine Chediak Putnam and produced by Dean Law, David was the editor for this short film.

Password available upon request.

There’s Something I Want To Tell You (2014)

A series of three short documentary films raising awareness about HIV prevention. David served as an assistant editor with Hoodlum, who produced it for HIV Foundation Queensland.

The World Outside My Window (2013)

This montage of time-lapse photography from the International Space Station is collected from many taken in Expeditions 29, 30 and 31.

Featured as a Vimeo Staff Pick in 2013. David produced and edited this short documentary, viewed over 3 million times on YouTube and Vimeo.

In Transit (2013)

An Australian girl and a Singaporean guy living in each other’s country form an online friendship, but can it lead to more?

Co-written by David Peterson and Kelvin Chua, directed by Kelvin and produced by David at Griffith Film School, In Transit was shot on location in Australia and Singapore. It screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner and at the St. Kilda Short Film Festival in 2013, and on broadcast on SBS in 2014.

Griffith Film School

Completed a Bachelor of Film & Screen Media in 2012 and a Master of Screen Production in 2019 at Griffith University.

All Alone in the Night (2011)

With spectacular vistas of Earth as seen from the International Space Station, this has been viewed over 21 million times since its release in November 2011.

Featured on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. David produced and edited this short film.

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